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Section Britannique – “English National Programme”

Welcome to the English National Programme (ENP). Our distinctive educational offer is an English-speaking section of a French state international school, rather than a separate and private “International School”.
ENP has over 1000 primary and secondary students of over 40 nationalities, and a staff of over 20. Pupils make a rapid transfer between French and English as they move between lessons taught according to the methods and ethos of French and English school systems. This education is bicultural as well as bilingual.
The ENP subjects are taught as if within an English school to pupils who are mother-tongue English speakers or have a very-good second language level ; the main part of their studies is taught in French in line with the French state curriculum.
In ENP, we deliver the following subjects :
• English Language and Literature - 3 hours per week in primary classes and 4 hours per week in secondary school.
• History-Geography - 2 hours per week (along with 2 hours taught by French colleagues) in secondary school.
• Maths in English - this is an option (in addition to the Maths taught as part of the French state curriculum).
ENP is financed by parental tuition fees and governed by a parents’ association, ALA-ELP.

For more information and details on how to apply, please go to the ENP Website

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